Patent Reform Hold Up

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New legislation for patent reform is struggling to pass in Congress. With a two-week recess coming up this Friday, there has been a lot of pressure to put the bill in action. The House previously passed a separate reform bill, but senators continue to dispute details of this new legislation that would crack down harder […]

Patent trolls are sucking the vitality out of innovative Alabama businesses

By Jeff Gale TicketBiscuit CEO Patent trolls, also known as non-practicing entities, or NPEs, are extorting businesses of all sizes and industries in our state and nation, and are significantly hampering economic growth for their own gain. I am encouraged by the growing Congressional awareness of patent troll abuses, evidenced by the slew of recently […]

Lawsuit Lending Calculator

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Lawsuit lenders operate virtually regulation free in the Lone Star State. These lenders, often predatory, take advantage of legal consumers when they are typically the most vulnerable. Lenders have been noted to charge up to 150% interest in some cases, further clogging our court system and saddling consumers with more debt. Texas CALAs support legislation […]