GAYLE: Asbestos reform needed to protect legitimate claims

via The Pasadena Citizen By DeWitt Gayle Double dips are good when you’re talking about ice cream. Unfortunately, over the last several years double dipping of another kind has allowed unscrupulous personal injury lawyers to enrich themselves by abusing our lawsuit system. Simply put, some personal injury lawyers are gaming the lawsuit system, manipulating it […]

Support legislation to halt storm-chasing lawyers

Via San Antonio Express News When we began fighting lawsuit abuse in Texas 22 years ago, we had no idea how long the battle would take. We have won some great tort reform victories that strengthened the Texas economy and helped make the Texas civil justice system a model for the nation. But today, we […]

Keep fighting lawsuit abuse

via San Antonio Express News Texas has been on the front lines in the battle against the abuse of our lawsuit system, ensuring it is used for justice, not greed. Years ago, Texas was known as the “Courthouse of the World” because our lawsuit system invited junk lawsuits, and our system was clogged with abusive […]