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Poe opposes health care bill, supports Texas tort reform at town hall meeting

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Southeast Texas Record

Congress should consider implementing Texas’ medical tort reforms on a national level, said Congressman Ted Poe at a surprisingly orderly town hall meeting on health care reform.

In contrast to his Democratic counterparts, Poe, a Republican representing the 2nd District of Texas, was received with rousing applause as he addressed around 250 Southeast Texas residents Rogers Park in Beaumont on Thursday, Aug. 13.

“As I look out at all of you, you don’t appear to be a mob … or political terrorist,” a smiling Poe told his constituents, adding that “speaking your mind does not make you un-American.”

While the House’s proposed health care bill would only serve to create several layers of bureaucracy between patients and doctors, drive up costs and increase taxes, there is one solution, according to some political pundits, that would reduce all three problems: tort reform.

“Doctors from Massachusetts are moving to Texas because of the state’s (medical) tort reform efforts,” Poe told the Record after he finished addressing the audience. “Tort reform has driven down the price of liability insurance. Texas’ plan has been very successful … and should be (implemented) at a national level.”

Poe also said if H.R. 3200 passes, patients who are genuinely wronged would have no legal remedy.

During the town hall meeting, Poe said the president’s bill will create 37 new government agencies and put bureaucrats in charge of health care in America.

“None of that bureaucracy is going to make you healthier,” Poe said. “If this bill becomes law, then members of Congress should have to be subject to it.”

The event was sponsored by the South East Texas TEA Party. A similar event was held on Aug. 11, but due to the overflow crowd, organizers felt another informational meeting was needed.

Another speaker at the event, Jarren Garrett, chief administrative officer for Baptist Orange hospital, recommended for an informative overview of some of the controversial parts of the proposed bill (or search “HR 3200 Concerns” on the Internet).

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