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Letter to the Editor: Texas can’t turn back clock on reform

By March 26, 2014No Comments

Re: Texas lawmakers say they must protect tort reform measures from mega-donor Mostyn, Southeast Texas Record, March 17, 2014.

This article illustrates exactly how important legal reforms are to the Lone Star State – and what’s at stake. Once known as the “Wild West” of lawsuit abuse, Texas has set the standard for lawsuit reform for the past 20 years. Thanks in part to these changes, the state is now a beacon for new jobs, employers and doctors.

This is precisely why some personal injury lawyers are shelling out millions to attack common-sense reforms. While these personal injury lawyers have long backed candidates in Texas who oppose reform, in the most recent primary elections, they supported Republican candidates hoping to unseat incumbent justices on the Texas Supreme Court. This effort failed.

It is imperative that Texas voters continue to thoroughly vet candidates for office in the state. Some personal injury lawyers will jump at any chance to undo these critical reforms – and Texas simply can’t afford to turn back the clock on reform.


Hazel Meaux

Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

Via The Southeast Texas Record

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