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We write today to inform you of a tasteless ad that was purchased by a San Antonio law firm, Villarreal & Begum that portrays truckers as serial killers. The ad shows that even in a state known for embracing legal reform, lawyers will continue to troll for lawsuits.

Published in Maxim magazine, the ad encourages individuals to contact the firm, based in San Antonio, to sue truckers. The ad has generated a backlash among the trucking industry, and Maxim has removed the ad from its digital copy and has begun removing the print editions from truck stops.

Texas has taken major strides to reform our civil justice laws. Our courts and laws have improved, but we can’t legislate personal responsibility. It’s up to each and every Texan to be a smart legal consumer and do their part to stop lawsuit abuse.

To see the ad and the backlash it caused, click here.

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