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Post-reforms, Texas continues to see a surge in new physicians

By September 28, 2015No Comments

The Lone Star State licensed a record number of new physicians last year, according to Texas Alliance for Patient Access (TAPA). The state licensed some 4,295 new doctors, surging past the 4,000 mark for the first time in Texas history. “Twelve years since the passage of our historic 2003 medical liability reforms, we continue to attract new physicians to Texas in record numbers,” said Austin internist Howard Marcus, M.D, chairman of Texas Alliance For Patient Access. “I don’t at all find that to be a coincidence.”

These numbers further prove that meaningful legal reforms work. Cracking down on abusive lawsuits while also preserving citizen’s access to the legal system has been a recipe for success in Texas. While other state’s lose both doctors and jobs, Texas continues to make gains in both areas.

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