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Don’t Let A Lawyer Be Your Doctor

By December 17, 2015No Comments

Our friends at Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse and Sick of Lawsuits recently launched a new consumer awareness campaign, ‘Don’t Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor.’

In television advertisements like this, they highlight the absurd lengths some personal injury lawyers may go to recruit clients.

It’s important to help Texans distinguish between health care resources and lawsuit advertising. There have been instances of websites being masked as medical information sites, but are actually personal injury lawyers acquiring information. Personal injury lawyers are spending $75 million dollars a month on advertising.

Remember if you have questions about your health or medical care, consult your doctor. Personal injury lawyers can provide misleading information that can put people’s health at risk. Consumers should leave the medical questions to legitimate and licensed   physicians, not lawyers.

To learn more and become better educated about personal injury lawyer advertising, visit


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