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In a recent letter to the editor, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse highlighted the reasons Texans should be concerned about big data, our health care system and the impact of trial lawyers. It’s also a good reminder to “Don’t Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor.”

Here’s TALA’s recent letter to the editor as it appeared in the Dallas Morning News:

Texas trial lawyers have a history of searching for ways to make millions of dollars at the expense of our health care system, ultimately reducing access to health care, driving up the cost of consumer goods and limiting job creation.

The recent story, “Health insurers fear Texas trial lawyers are seeking billions, but attorneys say that’s hype” (March 30), shows how the combination of big data and health care can create a gold mine for personal injury lawyers.

So, when sick or injured consumers get a call from a lawyer, not a doctor, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse is urging caution through a new Sick of Lawsuits ( campaign. The public needs to be aware of the millions spent on misleading television and online advertising.

“Don’t let a lawyer be your doctor,” is sage advice and something TALA is working to ensure that Texans hear and act on. What lawsuit ads don’t say can be harmful. When it comes to lawsuits involving a person’s health, consumers should examine the source carefully.

Jennifer Harris, Austin, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

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