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In a recent statewide news release, CALACTX Board Chair lended our organization’s support to the hail storm lawsuit reform effort.

“When you see skyrocketing numbers of lawsuits like this, there’s reason to worry that they’re burdening our courts, driving up consumer and business insurance costs, and limiting or eliminating access to coverage for some Texans,” said Roger Borgelt, board chairman of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas (CALACTX) in Austin. “Senate Bill 10 and House Bill 1774 will help stop lawsuit abuse while ensuring Texas consumers and small businesses have access to the courts for legitimate claims against insurers.”

The impact on consumers is already being felt. TDI found that seven insurers have reduced, limited or stopped writing insurance policies because of hail storm litigation, while 12 companies have hiked rates for homeowners’ policies as a direct result of lawsuits.

CALACTX and other lawsuit watchdog groups across the state have weighed in on hail storm lawsuit reform. Read the full news release online.

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