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Our friends at Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse recently responded to a recent article, bemoaning the “double dipping” that occurs in asbestos lawsuits. Here’s what they had to say:

“Double dipping” occurs when personal injury lawyers sue a solvent company and claim its products harmed their clients, while also filing claims with an asbestos bankruptcy trust, blaming other products for the same harm.

This practice reduces resources available in trusts to compensate asbestos victims – many of whom are veterans.

The FACT Act would require trust funds to disclose information on claims made to the trusts, creating transparency that discourages double dipping. While it may not stop a claimant from receiving compensation from multiple sources, it would require disclosure so judges and juries have the full picture when considering awards in a lawsuit.

This smart-minded proposal is worthy of Congress’ support.

We agree. Congress should support the FACT Act.

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