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The Imperfect Storm: Harvey Litigation Will Be Fought Under Hailstorm Bill’s Rules, While ‘Menchaca’ Looms in the Background

By June 4, 2018No Comments

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in late August 2017, it was the first major hurricane to hit Texas since Hurricane Ike, nine years before, which spawned a wealth of litigation against carriers.

Most of these cases have been resolved by 2017, leaving many policyholder and carrier attorneys with extra time on their hands. Harvey litigation undoubtedly means these lawyers will be back in business, but several other significant events mean they now operate on a much different playing field than before.

One event was arguably good for carriers. This was the passage of the so-called “Hailstorm Bill,” an act designed to curb the actions of “storm chaser” attorneys, and applicable to Hurricane claims. The statute took effect Sept. 1, 2017—shortly after Harvey had finished its destruction.

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