Ho, Ho, Ho! Stop frivolous lawsuits

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It’s the season to give, not receive. But many Texans may find themselves receiving the legal equivalent of a lump of coal in their stockings if they’re served a lawsuit instead of eggnog at their holiday party.

Social host liability should be at the top of a host’s planning list for the holiday season. After all, the holiday season – with office parties and social gatherings dotting calendars between now and the New Year – can quickly become the most litigious time of the year.

The following tips are holiday suggestions for keeping a lawsuit out of your stocking:

  • For parties in your home, plan transportation for your guests, including designated drivers, taxis or coordinating ride shares for a safe ride home, and have ample and appealing nonalcoholic beverages for your designated drivers;
  • For office parties, consider a ride share or taxi service for your employees;
  • Avoid providing a self-service bar, opting instead for a bartender well-versed in identifying underage and intoxicated drinkers;
  • Halt the flow of alcoholic beverages long before the party ends; and
  • Take action if a guest does overindulge, arranging for transportation home.