A few examples of summertime lawsuits

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You can find plenty of examples for “summertime lawsuits” with a quick online search. You’ll also find advertisements from personal injury lawyers ready to file a wide range of lawsuits. This summer use common sense to avoid being on the receiving end of lawsuit and to think twice before filing a suit.

Here are just a few examples of summertime lawsuits:

Baseball mom cries foul after son injured running to first, files $1M suit against Nations Baseball, Comcast

Lawsuit blames woman’s slip and fall at mall on slippery substance ‘thought to be ice cream’

Man sustains head injuries diving into pool, pursues legal action

Harris Co. woman suffers slip-and-fall on pool deck, files lawsuit

Woman says unsecured umbrella at community pool inflicted head injury

Lawsuit filed over Harris Co. man’s alleged injuries suffered during Fourth of July fireworks show

Woman sustains leg injury while roller skating at family reunion, brings lawsuit against host venue