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Stopping Lawsuit Abuse Starts With You!

By September 30, 2019No Comments

September 30 through October 4 marks 2019 Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week in Texas (LAAW) and across the country. This effort puts a spotlight on abusive lawsuits and questionable legal practices – and to educate Texans on the cost lawsuit abuse imposes on all of us. LAAW also focuses on personal responsibility and reminds each of us the pivotal role we play in ending lawsuit abuse and ensuring courts are used for justice, not greed.

That’s where “It Starts With You” comes in. It’s the message Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse groups are delivering this week and beyond.

Over the years, Texas legislators have passed significant lawsuit reforms. Texas has become a model for reform, instead of the poster child for lawsuit abuse. This year, lawmakers continued this week, including passing a new law to ensure consumers are better armed when they see or hear health care-related ads paid for by personal injury lawyers.

But at the end of the day, it shouldn’t be up to Texas lawmakers to legislate personal responsibility. It’s important that all of us remember that we all pay and we all lose when it comes to lawsuit abuse.

All Texans can be a part of the solution by serving on a jury when called, by educating themselves, friends and neighbors of their legal rights, and by making smart choices when they hire a lawyer or consider filing a lawsuit. Handy tips are found here in our Legal Consumer Guide.

Let’s do our part and put a stop to lawsuit abuse. Please join CALA and spread the word, “It Starts With You.”

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