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Do You Know Where Your Candidates Stand on Lawsuit Reform?

By February 12, 2020April 7th, 2023No Comments

Texas, which once had the biggest lawsuit abuse problem in the country, is now a leader in the lawsuit reform movement. 

The changes made have helped:

  • Create and retain jobs
  • Small employers flourish
  • Bring balance and fairness to our courts
  • Improve access to health care, especially in many underserved areas of the state

The progress made has been hard-fought making it important we elect officials who work just as hard to defend those reforms that have ensured our courts are used for justice, not greed. These reforms have helped Texas become a place where businesses want to be – and that means more jobs and a stronger economy. We must continue to protect these reforms and elect officials who will, too.

As the March elections approach and you consider your options on the ballot, do you know where your candidates stand? Every day candidates talk about the need for continued job growth and the importance of access to health care– each vitally important to the continued wellbeing of Texans.  But are your candidates willing to protect lawsuit reform and fight against attempts by some personal injury lawyers to undo those reforms?

Before you head to the ballot box make sure to research your candidates and ask them questions.

Early voting starts on February 18and ends February 28, 2020.

Election Day is March 3, 2020.

If you need to check if you’re already registered or find out where you need to vote, click HERE.

For more voting information on the upcoming primary elections, visit

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