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In our “It Starts With You” campaign, we say that preventing lawsuit abuse starts with you. The same is true for choosing candidates in the next election. The upcoming primary elections and the November general election provide opportunities for voters to elect leaders that understand the importance of lawsuit reform.

We ask that you take some time and research candidates to see where they stand on the issues. Take into consideration where those candidates stand on lawsuit abuse and reform and make an informed decision at the ballot box.

Texas is a leader in lawsuit reform, and that has contributed to our state’s stellar position in creating jobs, attracting and keeping doctors in Texas, and helping support small employers.  If we want to keep a strong economy in Texas, it is critical that we not diminish these reforms and keep an eye out for new ways to improve the fairness of our courts.

Early voting starts Monday, February 14, and runs through Friday, February 25. Election Day is on Tuesday, March 1.

If you need to check if you’re registered or find out where you need to vote, click HERE.

For more voting information on the upcoming primary elections, visit