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For This and Every Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week,

By October 3, 2022No Comments

Stopping Lawsuit Abuse Starts With You!

The first week of October 2022 is Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week. If you’re wondering, “What does that mean for me?” Or, “How does that affect me?” The answer is, “It Starts With You!”

We all share in the responsibility to stop lawsuit abuse and to support a legal system grounded in common sense. Each of us can do our part by serving on a jury when called, reporting ambulance chasing or the illegal solicitation of clients by a lawyer, and making the decision not to pursue a questionable lawsuit.

Being a savvy legal consumer is also important for those times you do need legal help. See our Legal Consumer Guide for more.

Many of us may remember that Texas once was the wild west of frivolous lawsuits and outrageous damage awards. Much of that has changed, thanks to Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse supporters like you, as well as other advocates and lawmakers who enacted legislative reforms at the Texas Capitol.

Lawsuit reform = improved economy + jobs

That progress and our improved legal climate have helped bolster our economy and create Texas jobs. Thanks to the reform of our medical liability laws, we have more doctors practicing in our state, including more in underserved areas.

But all of that can change quickly. So, it’s on all of us to continue to fight against any abuse of our justice system, support additional legislation that may be needed, and protect the reforms we’ve worked so hard for over the years.

On the eve of another election, there is one more important action you can take: Find out where your candidates stand on lawsuit abuse before stepping into the voting booth on November 8, 2022 to cast your ballot. Make it a point to ask your candidates, “Do you support lawsuit reform? Do you commit to protecting the reforms in place?”

It really does start with you!

If we all hold our candidates and elected officials accountable, we’re less apt to return to the “bad old days” when junk lawsuits and outlandish damage awards made Texas the poster child for lawsuit abuse, costing us all. Because, as we all know, when it comes to lawsuit abuse, we all pay – and we all lose.

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