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KLBJ Radio Interview with Roger Borgelt

Texas’ civil justice reform law archives

From Appeal Bond Reform to Punitive Damages: Check out the civil justice reform laws that Texas has passed over the years. Learn more.

Letter to the Editor: Texas legal reforms need protection

Via the Southeast Texas Record

RE: Texas asbestos firms spending hundreds of thousands in 2014 elections, Southeast Texas Record, Oct. 16, 2014

Dear Editor, contract-signing

Legal reforms made in the Lone Star State over the past 15 years are always under fire from personal injury trial lawyers. From landmark reforms such as Prop 12 that brought more doctors and specialists back into the state to more recent reforms such as the “loser-pays” legislation passed in 2011, Texas has continually lead the way in creating one of the most fair and predictable legal climates in the country.

But trial lawyers won’t give up the fight to roll our state back to the days when Texas was once known as a “judicial hellhole,” and our civil court system was dominated by greed, not justice.

It’s up to each and every one of us to remain vigilant of these attempts to undo successful reforms. A citizen-led movement spurred lawsuit reform in Texas, and it will take everyday citizens, voters and business owners to ensure that reforms are protected.

Remember, stopping lawsuit abuse starts with you.


Hazel Meaux, Board Member, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

5,800 frivolous lawsuits and counting

An inmate in Florence, Arizona has filled upwards of 5,800 federal lawsuits across the nation asking for $10 trillion in return.

The lawsuits that 62 year old Dale Maisano has filed are primarily in contest of the food served at the prison where he is serving a 15 year sentence for aggravated assault.

Doug Nick from the Arizona Department of Corrections assures that the inmates are being provided appropriate health care and nutrition.

To read more about how Maisano is passing his time in prison by filing frivolous lawsuits, click here.

Vote Smart: The Texas Supreme Court is Important to You


Defense attorney exposes asbestos fraud

Judge George Hodges of the U.S Bankruptcy Court Western District of North Carolina exposed corruption in asbestos litigation. Research discovered that plaintiffs’ lawyers did not disclose evidence of asbestos exposure to specific products until after obtaining settlements. Due to this “lost” evidence the asbestos liability was $125 million, almost $1 billion less than what plaintiffs’ representatives estimated. To read more, click here.